We believe that no consumer ever wants to default on their loans

Moneytor is helping automate debt management. We endeavor to convert a frowned upon part of the financial chain into a happy experience for both, financial firms and their customers.

By doing this, we shall help consumers
Maintain a healthy credit score
Select a re-payment plan based on their financial condition
Get rid of annoying agent calls!

Efficient | Smart | Self Learning

Collection Process Automation

One dashboard to monitor all your agents and cases. API Integration across the board, to weed out manual errors!

Settlement Decision Making

Automate your settlement processes with our AI based systems, based on an elaborate decision-making engine for every step in the collection process

Automated Communication

Now automate all your defaulter communication based on the response of the consumer. Use our smart bot to automate all user responses

For Lenders
Moneytor adds value to the exiting debt recovery system of the client

Loan Management

Moneytor creates a defaulter profile with loan details, by importing a spreadsheet

Modular allocation of cases in the form of buckets based on DPD


A single page dashboard for the overall debt recovery, recovery for a cohort (Auto, personal loan), total communications

Individual agent based perfomance analysis, Sentiment analysis of defaulter chat

Offers and settlement

Customized offers can be given to the defaulters, based on his payment capacity

Instant payment available for the defaulters

Collection Agency

Join the Moneytor platform to increase business and improve efficiency!


Moneytor’s sophisticated decision making engine helps suggest the next course of action for each account and also helps automate the same through our communication mechanism (SMS, Email and Phone)

Agent Evaluation

Helps agencies track the performance of an agent for recovery and communications initiated. Also gives detailed information of interaction with defaulters via the timeline

Client Access

Moneytor is working alongside top lenders in the BFSI and non-BFSI sector, who are using the platform to connect with their agencies for their collection requirements. Join our list of vendors today to open up access to an illustrious list of clientele right away!

How We Work
We are looking to change people's perception of debt collection.
We are approached with a case of default in a loan re-payment
Moneytor takes the case detail and works with the firm and their consumer to understand the issue
We thus figure out a win-win solution for both parties, to help defaulters re-pay their loan within their financial means
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ISME ACE Accelerator
NASSCOMM 10,000 Startups Program
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